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Double Hung Vinyl Windows are ideal in every room of the house since they are easy to open and clean. Both sash tilt inward, while the screen stays in place. Put two or more double-hung windows in a row to create an aesthetically appealing look.


  • Compound Tension™ Balance System
  • Exterior Glazing
  • Cove Sash Profile
  • Triple Weatherstripping
  • Two DualTech™ Locks with Integrated Tilt Latches
  • Dual Vent Locks
  • Integral Interlock at Meeting Rail
  • Top Sash Retention


Casement Style Windows add style and flair to your home, allowing the perfect amount of ventilation desired. Group casement and awning styles together to create a beautiful wall of operational windows.


  • Exterior Glazing
  • Square Sash Profile
  • Corner Drive on Units 56 1⁄4″ Tall and Taller and at least 24″ Wide 
  • Multi-Point Locking Hardware
  • Fold-Away Handle
  • Washability Hinge 
  • Optional Simulated Double Hung
  • Meeting Rail 

Picture Windows are perfect for any room with a view. They help capture the beauty that surrounds your home, while complementing other windows. Pair several picture windows together to bring in the beauty of the outdoors.


  • Fully Welded Frame
  • Direct Set Glass
  • Interior Glazing
  • Sloped Sill



Sliding or Slider Windows are another classic found in many homes. These windows work well above the kitchen sink or in any room where ventilation is important. Slider windows are perfect by themselves or paired with picture windows.


  • Brass Rollers
  • Exterior Glazing
  • Cove Sash Profile
  • Dual Weatherstripping
  • Two DualTech™ Sweep Locks
  • Extruded Aluminum Half (standard on 2-Lite) or Full Screen (standard on 3-Lite)
  • Vent Lock
  • Anchor Stops (standard on 3-Lite Sliders)


Bay and Bow windows look amazing in a living room or master suite, giving you the versatility to choose a combination of picture, double-hung or casement windows. The seat on a Bay or Bow window is a great place to sit and read or just enjoy the view.


  • Bay: 3-Lite Unit with 2 Operable Windows with Screens
  • Bow: 3, 4, 5 or 6-Lite Units with 2 Operable Windows with Screens
  • Roof Kits Available in wood, painted aluminum and copper.


The Garden Window looks great in a kitchen, bathroom or den, providing a perfect place for decorative accents or foliage and herbs. This unique window style not only allows more light in, but also helps open up your room.


  • Top Sloped Tempered Insulated Glass
    Completely Assembled with Unfinished1 1⁄4″ Oak Veneer Head, Jamb & Seat Board
  • Snap-In Corner Slope Closure Profile
    Seals Tight
  • Twin Sealing, Fully Screened Operating
    Casements with Exterior Glazing
  • Easy Access Dual-Point Locking Operator
  • Fold-Away Handle
  • Fiberglass FlexScreen®


Awning Windows are hinged at the top and open out and up, creating an awning effect. They are small in size and can be used in creative ways, such as in combination with other windows or in small spaces.  They bring needed light and ventilation.



  • Exterior Glazing
  • Square Sash Profile
  • Multi-Point Locking Hardware
  • Fold-Away Handle
  • Quick-Release Dual Arm Operator


Basement Hopper Windows are perfect for a basement, bathroom or laundry room, giving you adequate ventilation and natural light. These windows help add curb appeal to your home, providing light in a space that may otherwise be very dark.



  • Interior and Exterior Accessory Grooves
  • Durable Zinc Cast Top Mounting Lock and Hinge
  • Exterior Glazing
  • Insulated Panel Option Available to Mull to a Hopper Window
    – Dryer Vent Not Included. Must be
    Installed Separately
    – Hopper Window and Insulated
    Panel Available in White Only