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Kansas City Awning Window

Kansas City Awning Windows extend out and up, over the window opening, creating an “awning” effect. They allow for worry free ventilation even in a light rain.  Bring the outside, sunlight and breeze in by adding them above picture windows.

Look how awesome awning windows can look in the kitchen, while bringing in a breath of fresh air!

These windows are great for small spaces or areas where privacy is desired.  They allow for airflow in bathrooms and basements. They also provide illumination to these dark spaces.

Let in the Fresh Air and Sunshine

  • Top hinged, open outward for airflow
  • Use a hand-crank mechanism to open
  • Provide light, ventilation, and privacy
  • Great space-savers

Kansas City Basement Hopper Window

Kansas City Basement Hopper Windows are, just as the name implies, ideal for your basement. They work best installed higher up on the wall, so they are well suited to basements, or small bathrooms.

Brighten Up and Air Out

If your laundry room, basement or bathroom needs more ventilation or light, awning or basement hopper windows may be exactly what you need to brighten up the space. They work well in areas that are too small for full windows, or need more privacy. Great space-savers.


Ventilation:  Bottom or Top Hinged and Easy to Open for Air-Flow.

Features:  Interior and Exterior Accessory Grooves, Durable Zinc Cast Top Mounting Lock and Hinge

Options:  Insulated Panel Available to Mull to a Hopper Window

Superior Quality you can Afford – Window Depot KC Signature Series Windows

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