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Kansas City Double Hung and Casement Windows

Kansas City Double Hung Window

The Kansas City Double-Hung Window is a Classic and one of the Most Popular choices for replacement windows.

What is a Double-Hung Window?

First, let’s explain what a window sash is. The window panes of glass are held together by a window sash.  The sash sits inside the window frame and moves up or down.

A Double-Hung Window Consists of the Following:

  • Two operating sashes – one on top and one on the bottom
  • Sashes move vertically up and down, allowing the window to open
  • Both lower and upper sash tilt inwards for easy access for cleaning while the screen stays in place.

Kansas City Casement Window

What is a Casement Window?

Kansas City Casement Windows operate much like a door; they are hinged on one side and use a hand-crank mechanism to open outwards.

Advantages of a Casement Window:

  • An Uninterrupted View – One large panel that opens outward, results in an unobstructed view that brings the outdoors in
  • Maximum Ventilation – Since the entire panel opens, casement windows are one of the best windows for airflow.
  • Features – The washability hinge provides easy access to both inside and outside of window for cleaning. The folding handle tucks conveniently out of the way of most window treatments and provides a clean, finished look.

Trying to Decide Between a Casement Window or a Double-Hung Window?


While there are no hard and fast rules, a modern casement window is usually considered more of a modern or contemporary look, while double-hung windows are more traditional or historic. The choice will be important to consider in the overall look and curb appeal of your home. Windows play a major role in architectural appearance.

Casement windows work well over a counter or sink, because they are easy to reach and open with the crank, while a double-hung window would be difficult to open. Still want the look of a double-hung window over the sink? Add grids to your casement window to imitate the look and feel you desire.

if a casement opens onto a deck, it might block a pathway. A double-hung window might be more suited for this situation.

In a bedroom it is important to pick the best window to provide egress from the room. it could be a casement, or double-hung window depending on which will allow the easiest escape.


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