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When it comes to performance and the beauty…no window can compare to the Casement! Casement window design allows for the very best of both the aesthetic and performance worlds. Yeah, I know…what the heck does that mean?

Casement Windows operate much like a door; they are hinged on one side and use a hand-crank mechanism to open. This design creates an extremely efficient refrigerator-like seal that keeps out extreme wind and cold and provides you with a unique level of protection from the outside elements.

Additionally…since there is just one large “panel” that opens outward when the Casement window is closed, you have a completely uninterrupted view. This “max glass” design makes a casement window ideal for bringing the outdoors, IN.

Casement and Awning windows offer the amplest ventilation opportunity. Awning windows are top-hinged that swing outward with the turn of a handle, allowing optimal airflow. Casement windows crank open, offering unmatched energy efficiency. Regardless of your choice, Casement and Awning windows will add a perfect touch of charm to your home.

Casement and Awning Windows offer as much peace of mind as they do classic beauty. The multi-point locking system adds powerful security to your home. The solid vinyl construction will not chip, peel or not and never required scraping or painting.  Premium options are available such as charcoal aluminum screen and Invisi-Mesh®, which protects your home from bugs and your view from distortion as compared with other screens.


Casement Window Characteristics

Casement Window characteristics typically include:

  • Tall and Narrow
  • Pivot on a Hinge
  • Opens outward 90 degrees
  • Operates with a hand crank

Window Depot KC Casement Windows are superbly engineered with 1-inch insulated glass units, superior bulb-style seal for air-tight performance, and an aesthetically superior beveled sash design. Our Casement Windows come standard with heavy-duty hardware with ratcheted gear operation and a multi-point locking system that operates from a single bar.

Casement Window Features & Options


When choosing a Casement window for your home, here are some of the available product features and options:

  • A sleek single point lock mechanism (standard)
  • Elegantly designed and easy to use crank handles that don’t get stuck on blinds or treatments (standard)
  • Refrigerator type bulb seals (standard)
  • 100% virgin uiPVC formulation (standard)
  • Multi-chamber extrusion design for structural integrity and thermal performance (standard)
  • Insulated Glass Units that are 1″ thick (standard)*
  • Warm Edge glass spacing system (standard)
  • Double or Triple Stacked Low Emissivity Glass – “Low E” (option)
  • Argon or Krypton inert, insulating Gas (option)
  • Colonial and Diamond Grids (option)
  • Tempered Safety Glass (option)
  • Interior Simulated Wood Finish (option)**
  • Exterior Polymer Color Finish (option)**

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