How do windows perform in your home in the summer and winter seasons?


Check out our latest segment at Kansas City Live. Where we discuss the advantage of triple pane window performance and give an example.  “We have had a long cold winter and it is not letting up! You might be struggling to keep your house warm, and if you are, Window Depot shows us how the right windows can make a difference. “


Triple Pane Window Performance


Increased Insulating Power – Our Triple Pane windows can increase the U Factor of clear glass windows by up to 64%. This improvement comes from a combination of the extra pane of glass, multiple cavities that contain insulating ‘blankets’ of Krypton gas, and additional glass surfaces on which to apply our Low E coating technology. Whether you live in a climate that demands more heating, or cooling of your home…the key to our Triple Pane insulating power is stopping heat flow. In heating climates, triple pane windows keep more of your warmth and energy IN. In cooling climates, triple pane windows keep more of the radiant heat and temperatures OUT. Find Out More About Triple Pane Windows.