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Replacement windows can increase the value, comfort and efficiency of your home. However, not all replacement windows provide the value that homeowners are searching for.

How can you avoid being overwhelmed by all of the window details and still get the window you’re looking for?

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Below is the 3 Must-Have’s in a replacement window:

3 Things to Look for in a Replacement Window

1) Energy Star Rated Replacement Window

Ideally choose a Energy Star Most Efficient window

Energy Star Most Efficient Window Label

Energy Star is an unbiased government agency dedicated to testing the energy efficiency of products. The scien

tists at Energy Star know all about the little details that get so overwhelming when window shopping. Not only do they judge the window off of it’s features and craftsmanship, they put each window through some serious testing to determine whether a window is truly as energy efficient as it claims.

Tip: Let Energy Star do most of the leg work for you.

If a window isn’t at least Energy Star Rated, it isn’t worth your time. If the window has the Energy Star Most Efficient Award – you won’t have any regrets when it comes to energy efficiency.

2) Double or Triple Pane Window

View each pane of glass as a layer of insulation. The more panes of glass, the greater the insulating power. In the article Are Your Windows Ready for Winter? the difference between a triple pane and single pane window is made abundantly clear.

The article discussed a test performed on two types of windows: single pane and triple pane.

The inside surface temperature of window was measured for temperature on the same 23ºF day.

The single pane window measured 32.9ª – nearly 10ºF warmer than outside.

Single pane window measurement shown as 32.9 degrees

Single Pane Window Measurement 32.9ºF

The triple pane window measured 63ºF – 40ºF warmer than outside and 30ºF warmer than the single pane window.

Triple pane window measurement during winter. The measurement shows 62 degrees

Triple Pane Window Measurement 62.6ºF

Multiply that temperature difference across all the windows in your home and imagine the enhanced comfort level and energy savings of having a triple pane window.

3) Windows with an Insulating Gas

Between each window pane is an air space. This space, when filled with an insulating gas reduces temperature transfer. The denser the gas, the less temperature transfer. Think: thicker gas, thicker insulation. Just like the thicker the blanket, the toastier you feel.

Argon gas has been show to provide much more insulation than air filled windows. However, for maximum energy conservation, Krypton gas is ideal. For more information about Argon gas vs Krypton, read next week’s article: Insulation Between the Window Panes: Air vs Argon vs Krypton.

Enjoy Your Windows in the Winter

Just imagine how nice winter will be when your home is shielded from the frigid temperatures outside. You might even look forward to the next snowfall, knowing you can stay warm and cozy inside.

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If decision fatigue had stopped you before, don’t let it stop you this winter. This winter it’ll be easy to find the right window because you now know what you’re looking for: a window that is Energy Star Most Efficient, at least two panes, and filled with a super insulating gas.

If you’d like help finding the perfect replacement windows for your home, we’ll be happy to help! Just follow this link or give us a call at 816-621-3427.

Soon you’ll have a warm cozy home with gorgeous windows. Finally, you can just lay back and relax!