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Are Replacement Windows Really an Investment?

You love your Kansas City home and you’ve heard of triple-pane windows. Now, you’re wondering is it wise to invest in your windows? Are high-quality triple-pane windows truly worth making the investment. 

Let’s take a short trip back to the last Kansas City winter.

You would like to enjoy sitting in your living room watching the snowfall on a frigid winter day in Kansas City. Hot chocolate paired with a good book or your favorite show would make for a cozy day off. Instead, the cold wind from outside is finding its way inside your home. 

As you sit there trying to enjoy the snow day, you realize it isn’t much warmer in your home than it is outside.

Your thermostat is set at 80ºF but it feels more like 60ºF.

puppy hiding under grey blanket because it is cold inside

Can your relate?

Then, it’s time to replace your windows. 

If you’re like most of us, you have needed to do this for a while, but have been putting it off in favor of tested, old methods. We know all the tricks – A towel or tape across leaky window seals. During extreme weather, you may even avoid entire sections of your home for the sake of comfort. 

You may have inherited these bad windows, but are these short-term solutions really working? 

Will Investing in New Windows Make a Difference?

Those methods are rightfully called ‘tricks’ because they don’t really work. Your home and your family are still suffering. 

In what ways?

    • Chronic energy loss
    • Wasted money
    • Decreased comfort indoors – drafty in the winter/hot in the summer
    • Condensation build-up, which could lead to mold and rotting 
    • Excess street noise
    • Tape and towels do not add to the beauty of a home

The bottom line, old or poor-quality windows and the tricks done to “fix” them don’t improve the comfort, energy efficiency, security, quietness or beauty of your home. 

It’s time for a change. In addition to increased to comfort and energy savings, there is one more factor to consider: Re-sale value.

Are Windows an Investment for Re-Sale Value?

Stacks of coins increase in size as they reach a house. On top of each coin is a letter spelling SALE

According to Remodeling Magazines 2020 Cost vs Value Report for the West North Central Region including Kansas City, the return on investment for vinyl replacement windows was 53.7%!

Believe it or not, replacing your windows is one of the best things you can do to increase your re-sale value!

What to Look for in a Window

The key to whether new windows are worth the investment is finding the right window.

A large problem you face while searching for the best replacement windows is that some companies offer attractive, but ultimately low-quality windows. Such windows might look good, but are inadequate when it comes to energy efficiency. If you want your windows to increase energy savings and add value to your home, you need to know what to look for in a new window.

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

An energy-efficient window is one that protects your home from energy loss. It should keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Efficient windows do this by eliminating temperature transfer between outside and inside. 

There are some specific things you need to look for both in features and ratings found on window labels.

Important Features:

    • More panels of glass (double or triple pane)
    • The empty chamber between the glass is filled with insulating krypton or argon gas
    • Better frames that insulate against heat or cold – look for multi-chamber, foam filled, multiple layer weather stripping and warm edge spacers.
    • Low-E coating (Keeps summer’s solar heat out, and protects furniture and plants) 
    • Professional installation 

Key Performance Ratings 

    • U-Factor (measures window’s ability to insulate aka keep the warmth in)
    • SHGC (measures the windows ability to block heat from the sun – keeping the summer heat out)
    • CFM rating (measures the amount of air leakage around a window)

Those are the basic requirements of an energy-efficient window, but what does it all mean? 

To make the right investment you will need to know the numbers and technical jargon.

Make the Best Window Investment – Understand Energy Efficient Features & Performance Ratings

3 Key Energy Efficient Features

Smiling woman holding up three fingers when talking about the 3 things to look for in a window.

1. Triple-pane or Double-pane?

If you currently have single-pane windows, double-pane windows will improve heat loss by up to 50%.

However, triple-pane windows can increase your home’s energy efficiency by up to 30% higher than a double-pane window. 

Triple-pane windows improve on double-pane windows by adding another panel of glass, filled will another layer of inert gas. This design provides more insulating space. Putting more space between you and the outside air as well as outdoor noise.

2. Insulating Gas

Whether a window is double or triple-pane, the empty space between the glass will be filled with an inert gas. Why? This gas is dense, heavier than the air inside or outside of your house. Its purpose is to reduce the amount of air transferred in or out.

There are two types of gas that are truly insulating:

1. Argon gas is six times denser than air, making it a good insulator for windows. It is very cheap because of its abundance in the earth’s atmosphere. It is easy to get, making it easy to use in windows. 

2. Krypton gas serves the same purpose but is 12 times denser than air. The added weight makes Krypton the better performer. Krypton gas is also well-suited for narrow spaces between window panels. The tight compression improves the insulation of this gas. It is more expensive because it is not as easily found and extracted.

3. Low-E Coating

Low-E coating is added to windows to prevent solar heat gain. That is window jargon for the heat that comes from sunlight. Low-E coating is beneficial because it controls radiation from sunlight but still lets natural light into your home.

A True Window Investment: Top 3 Performance Ratings

nutritional information concept.

These 3 Factors you will see on window labels. Just like a food label you need to know what the terms means. Once you know what you’re looking for, reading window labels is simple.

1. U-Factor

The U-factor of your window tells you how much cool air you will lose in the summer and how much warm air you will lose in the winter. The lower the number, the better the performance. 

Energy Star has a set of minimum U-factor standards depending on the region, ranging from .40 to .27. 

For a window to get an Energy Star rating in Kansas City, it needs a U-factor of at least .30. That is a minimum requirement. You want that number to be as low as possible for better energy efficiency. Especially on those snowy winter days.

2. SHGC – Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient 

SHGC stands for the Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient. Again, this is related to the amount of heat coming into your home from solar radiation. The higher the SHGC is, the better that window will shade your interior. 

Energy Star’s minimum requirements for SHGC vary depending on climate. The minimum requirement for ENERGY STAR certification in Kansas City is 0.40 SHGC.

3. CFM – Air leakage in Cubic Feet per Minute

This number measures airflow from your widows. With this rating, the lower the number is, the better. The industry standard for CFM is .3 cfm/ft or lower.

Now that you know what to look for, what value will all of this research bring?

What Kind of Value Can You Expect From Your Window Investment?

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What kind of savings can you expect by investing in replacement windows in Kansas City?

According to ENERGY STAR® City Savings Estimates, in Kansas City upgrade from single pane clear windows to ENERGY STAR Certified version 6.0 windows would be an annual average savings of $289.00. Upgrading from double pane clear windows would be an annual average savings of $108.00 per year.* These savings are based on ENERGY STAR minimum requirements. Even greater savings come from an ENERGY STAR Most Efficient qualified window like Window Depot’s Triple Pane Krypton Window.

* Ranges are based on the average savings among homes in modeled cities. Actual savings will vary based on local climate conditions, utility rates, and individual home characteristics.

How to Find a Window that Meets ALL the Standards

woman hand selecting 5 stars after choosing the best window

Window Depot’s Triple-Pane Krypton Windows are the perfect solution to anyone’s window problem. What makes them so great?

Important Energy Efficient Features:

  • Our signature windows qualify for the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Award. 
  • Three pieces of glass (triple-pane), each chamber filled with Krypton gas. 
  • The insulated glass units are 1-inch thick and double-strength. 
  • Foam filled, multi-chamber frames and sashes provide more insulating value.

Key Performance Ratings: 

.17 U-Factor rating, (Greatly exceeding the .30 minimum)

SHGC rating of .23 (Exceeding the .40 minimum)

CFM rating of .05 (18 times better than the industry standard)

Professional Installers 

Our installers are dedicated to giving quality craftsmanship and service. Without a professional installation, all of these energy efficient features could be deemed worthless. It is vital to make sure your installers truly care about quality.

Are Triple-Pane Krypton Windows Worth The Investment In Kansas City? 

Let’s review:

  • 53.7% Return on re-sale value
  • Up to and exceeding $289 annual energy savings 
  • Reduce street noise
  • Say “Goodbye” to drafts and condensation

So yes, yes you will get a return on your investment!

Instead of settling for the old tricks. Put the duct tape down and call us.

With Window Depot Triple-Pane Krypton windows you will be able to enjoy sitting by the window watching the snowfall without any disturbance from the outside chill. 

mother and daughter sit by a snowy window happily making paper snow flakes

You can rest assured you have the best quality at an affordable price. Whatever season it happens to be, you deserve a comfortable home that saves you money all the while increasing your home’s curb appeal. 

Make the worthy investment of Triple-Pane Krypton windows today and transform your home into your sanctuary